My name is Gemma Whelbourn, and I work as a professional Pet Portrait Artist in Hamilton, Ontario. I have been drawing and painting all my life. I produce finely detailed and realistic portraits of animals using techniques that I have developed over years of self-teaching. I was born and raised in England, which has given my art a very British countryside kind of style. 

As well as commissions, original artwork and prints are available to purchase. Bringing as much life and personality into my artwork as I can, I continue to push myself in all aspects of my work. I have created many treasured portraits commemorating the lives of pets that are alive and those that have passed away.

To create my portraits I use photographs and descriptions to get a feel for the personality of the animal that I am drawing. I study and sketch the photo/photos to decide on the composition and colours of the subject. Once the sketch is complete it is then sent to the buyer for approval. Once approved I get to work on the final drawing/painting.
I like highly detailed work and pay close attention to every pencil or brushstroke. The personality of the animal shines through the eyes so I pay special care to get the eyes full of life

horse pet portrait