Bald Eagle Drawing

Bald Eagle Fine art print

This bald eagle drawing is one of my favourite drawings, I really wanted to challenge myself to working on wings, and individual feathers. I chose the wings outstretched as it told a story. The eagle landing, is it landing on its nest? Or is it hunting? What is it hunting rabbits, groundhog? I let you as the viewer decide the bald eagles story for yourself.


bald eagle fine art print

Bald eagles are one of my favourite birds of prey. Once I moved to Canada I saw them regularly. They are extremely large, and give off a very heavy view to them. Yet watching them fly is beautiful. They are not streamlined like the hawks and owls I was familiar with growing up in England. I think what is so lovely about the bald eagles is that they don’t mind people, they will happily nest along a busy roadside.

This is actually my second bald eagle drawing, the first sits unfinished. I chose a size too large for me at the time to handle, and the subject with a little too overwhelming for me to complete at the time I started it. So this bald eagle drawing I chose a smaller size only 11×14 inches, I also chose a new reference photo. I wanted something that had action, yet clarity. I wanted you to know part of the story but not the whole story so the viewer could chose the ending for themselves.

The bald eagle drawing was challenging to say the least. Each individual feather needed to be shaded, and layered with different colours. However this was the challenge I wanted. I wanted my bald eagle drawing to be pinnacle piece of artwork for me. And I think it was, it didn’t come out as perfect as I wanted it however I learned a lot of lessons.

Now I have started pastel painting I feel like I need to do another bald eagle. I have a large list of other animals first however. But in time I am sure I will do it again.

Here are some PRogress shots of my bald eagle drawing

I hope you all like my bald eagle drawing. Here are some cool bald eagle facts.

  • Because bald eagles have a weak call, their calls are often dubbed in Hollywood with the call of a red-tailed hawk.
  • Bald eagles belong to a scientific grouping of eagles known as sea-eagles or fish eagles.
  • Bald eagles are North American birds. Their range extends from the Mexico border through the United States and Canada. They are extremely populous in Alaska!
  • These eagles are usually found near water, on coastlines, lakes, rivers, swamps, and marshes.
  • Lifespan is around 20 years in the wild, with the oldest confirmed one having been 38 years of age. However, a captive individual in New York lived for nearly 50 years.
  • Bald eagle’s wingspan ranges from 1.8 to 2.3 meters (5.9 and 7.5 feet).
  • Surprisingly females are about 25% larger than males.
  • The name comes from an old English word, “balde,” meaning white.
  • Bald eagles can see 4 to 7 times better than humans!

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