Big Cat Drawing -Mountain Lion

Big cat drawing- Mountain Lion

 I have been drawing this mountain lion drawing.This big cat drawing is of a mountain lion. I had no idea i would love drawing this big cat as much as i have. The variety in this cat is incredible! 

 I love drawing big cats. They are so such gorgeous animals. Big cats have various species all over the world, from the Siberian tiger which is tough and hardy in the snow to the lean cheetah the fastest animal in the world.

Here is a video demonstration of my big cat drawing this time featuring a mountain lion eye.

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For my birthday I received some Rembrandt pastel sticks which have become ridiculously useful with this mountain lion drawing. I will post the link to the pastel sticks below so you can get a set for yourself. I promise these are incredible, and even just on their own they will make your artwork better. Why will they make your artwork better? Well with these wonderful magic sticks you can layer multiple colours down at once, this allows you to create a huge number of colour combinations. Because pastel pencils come in a limited amount of colours and are rather expensive this means your colour combinations are limited also, and you use a lot of pastel which means you spend a lot more money replacing those pencils.

Fabercastell pitt pastel pencils are fantastic for detail, there pastel is relatively hard so they can create some really nice sharp lines. However because the lead is fairly hard it means its hard to get and even distribution which is why I brought the pastel sticks. In the next week I will make a video on using the sticks. But you can purchase them here.

The paper I have used for this big cat drawing is pastelmat which is my favourite. This paper works amazingly with the pastel sticks and the pastel pencils. It allows you to layer multiple colours like I had done on this big cat drawing but then layer details ontop of that. The pastelmat paper has a sanded surface which feels a bit like velvet. It is a bit on the pricey side, but I promise the money is well worth it. I am yet to find a paper that is even close to this paper

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Big Cat drawing tips

Drawing big cats can be tricky. But with the right knowledge they become a lot easier.

Big cat drawing tip#1

Big cats have incredible bone structure for their skulls. Pay really close attention to the fur direction. Fur direction along with accurate fur length can make or break a drawing.

Big cat drawing tip#2

Add a variety of colours to the coat. Variety is incredibly important, also don’t think one side has to be exactly the same as the other side. If you look at your own eyes you will notice your iris’ are not the same. They have patches of colour in different areas. Lot sof different tones and values.

Big cat drawing tip#3

Don’t forget the messy hair. Hair falls out, becomes bent, goes out of place, clumps together, fizzes, overlaps. Don’t forget to add this to your drawing in multiple areas. This will add real dimension to your big cat drawing. A lions mane for example some hair is straight, others clump, others go frizzy and zigzag or curl. Incorporate this uniqueness and I promise it will bring it to life that little bit more.

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