Christmas Pet Portrait in New Brunswick

Can you believe I am now working on Christmas pet portraits! I cannot, however the life of an artist is always a few months ahead. I have lots of great things for you. Firstly I am offering 15% off for early bird Christmas orders. So that means you get an 11×14 inch pet portrait for only $204 regular price $240. How amazing is that!

So here is the question, why order a pet portrait for Christmas?

Firstly if you are like me I love to give really meaningful gifts, I find it really hard to give someone money or gift cards. I find it always adds that little extra love to think what is best gift I can give someone ( that I can afford, or sometimes just say heck with it, it’s worth it). A pet portrait couldn’t get more personal. Giving someone a gift of an art piece of somebodies beloved pet, their best friend, the one they cry to, and tell all their secrets. That kind of love is one of the most precious, so for you to gift someone of that love, is an incredibly meaningful and personal gift.

Pet portrait of a horse
Pet portrait of a dog in pencil

I have also find gifting a pet portrait is totally unexpected, if you have found every year it’s harder and harder to come up with something original, but also a wanted gift a pet portrait may be the perfect gift. I have seen people cry tears of joy, from receiving pet portraits and it always warms the hearts of everyone in the room. So if you’re looking for a gift that will truly surprise and warm the recipient and pet portrait or a favourite wildlife drawing is the perfect choice.

Not only does it reach into the heart of the recipient, but they then get to choose a wall to hang it on, and enjoy the drawing for decades to come. Secured safe in a frame, the pet portrait can last for decades to come. Rather than an electronic device that breaks after a few years, or clothes that wear out, the artwork will last for years to come, and not only will they remember their love for a beloved pet, or wildlife but will also remember the moment you gave it to them, and how special it was.

Unfortunately life does not last forever, however the drawing will shine for many decades, as a gleaming reminder of the love the recipient had with their wonderful friend. Picking a photo that encompasses the personality of the pet for the portrait, allows the recipient to think back to their happiest moments with their friend. The pet portrait keeps the good memories strong and clear for many years.

How Long Does a Pet Portrait Take?

The drawing itself will take about a week, however providing how many orders are ahead of your order it could take a couple weeks. To make sure you receive your pet or wildlife portrait in plenty of time, order early. Once interest has been shown, I will provide a rough guide on time. I will do my very best to ensure that everyone will receive their orders when required.

If  you would like more information or like to book a pet/wildlife portrait with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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What Photos Work Best for a Pet Portrait?

Try to pick photos that are neither too dark or too light, as this gets rid of details needed for the pet portrait. Try to chose a photo that is a pleasing pose, and expression and one that encompasses the personality of the pet. I can work with difficult photos however so get in contact and I am sure we can sort something out.

I have a wide range of prices suitable for every budget. Visit my commission information page to get the complete list.

Commission Information

What Else Is Coming This Christmas?

I am working on a few wildlife pieces for prints and greeting cards, some of the things on the drawing board are, a cardinal, arctic fox, snowy owl.



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