Deer Fawn Drawing

deer fawn fine art print

I wanted to work on something close up. I had brought a couple of deer reference photos, the fawn seemed like a perfect opportunity. For my deer fawn drawing I wanted to really experiment. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, but also really play with the meadow. Continuing on with my theme of adding insects. I also added some meadow flowers and some butterflies.

Some of the flowers hold a special significance. Poppies remind me of a walk I used to go on in poppy fields. The fields were where I was born in Nottingham, England. I would often walk there alone, I was fascinated with the poppies design and their milk. Another important flower is the Lupine. Lupines grow in my family’s home in New Brunswick wild. I guess you could say I put pieces of my homes into my fawn drawing.

Work in progress photos of my deer fawn drawing

I also experimented with “colour pencil touch-up texture” and “coloured pencil titanium white”. If you haven’t heard of this yet, basically its like liquid white coloured pencil. It is brushed on with a paintbrush. So why was this helpful with the deer fawn drawing? Fawns have white spots on their fur. It allows them to blend in better. So the touch up and titanium white when added together allowed me to paint these white spots in and bring back the vibrancy of pure white.

Swallowtails are another important part of this drawing. Growing up I was used to peacock butterflies. When I moved to Canada and saw my first swallowtail. I thought they were beautiful. Not only are they a beautiful colour, but I also love their shape. So naturally I had to add a couple of them in this deer fawn drawing.

deer fawn fine art print

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