Drawing Classes

Drawing Classes

With Covid-19 we have had to make many changes in our society.I have decided during this time of unrest I will be offering online teaching instead of my in class teaching. This way I can teach people around the globe who need to occupy themselves during this time of crisis. 

My classes will be once a  week and will range from 2 to 4 hours long depending on the subject. They will be LIVE and recorded so if you are unable to be there for the live you will be able to watch it at a time that suits you. Due to not being able to supply the materials at this time I will be teaching with just a pencil and paper, however you can take what I’m teaching you and apply it to any medium you wish. These will work for pastels, coloured pencils, charcoal, watercolour, acrylics, markers ect.

As time goes on I will get back to teaching pastels, and also teaching painting. To begin with I am only going to charge $50 a month, this way you have the ability to go buy the materials if you would like 

Only $50 for the month -$12.50 a week

  • 12-16 Hours of instruction

    12-16 Hours of instructional time to teach you how to draw more realistically.

  • Acess to a closed FB group

    In this group that I will be leading. You will be able to post your artwork and get feedback from the group of like minded individuals.

  • One on One feed back from me about your artworks as your working on them.

    Once a week you can submit your artwork and we can discuss your work and how we can improve it. Included will be digital draw overs.

Sign up to begin your fastrack success on realistic drawing

Please fill in your name and email address and I will send you an email concerning payment. At sign up you will receive a list of what the next months class subjects will be, as well as the instructions for payment.

Testimonials from my students

“This was an AMAZING program! Gemma was a kind, supportive and knowledgeable instructor. I am loving the new skills I’ve learned. Keep this program and add more please!”
“Wonderful, comprehensive course. Delightful teacher. Learned a great deal.”
“Very interesting course, excellent teaching skills”
“Gemma is a wonderfully talented artist and teacher. The class was very well organized and very well delivered. We were very lucky to have this time with her. We all had a lot of one-on-one time & advice. She was very encouraging & supportive. I learned a lot from her class. As well she had a great selection of supplies and we had everything we needed to succeed. Thank you!”

More Testimonials below!

After just 12 hours of class time

"Gemma's art classes are full of complete instructions from start to the end. She does fantastic work and I would always come to her classes on any painting medium she teaches. Highly recommend"
"Pet Portraiture at Red Hill was so interesting and so much fun. Gemma was full of information and very helpful. Her many inciteful tips were very helpful as well. I had never used pastels before and had thought it would be too hard but under Gemmas instruction I completed a portrait of my cat that was to my liking. I am hoping that in the future HPL will offer this again so that i can further my knowledge of pastels.I look forward to returning for another session in the spring."
"Really enjoyed Gemma's Pet Portrait classs. Can't wait for the next session to learn from a great artist."
"Gemma was amazing. So informative, so much fun. I would love to take another class with Gemma"
E. Noonan
"I really enjoyed my classes with Gemma. She not only taught us but personally spent a little time with us for personal instructions. Making me feel more confident with the art. I hope she has more of these classes. Thanks Gemma!"
Liz Mallory
" I really enjoyed the class, wonderful!"
A. Stager
Amazing course, great instruction, gifted teacher/artist. A course not to be missed.
"Very enjoyable class, great instruction and fun learning."
"Thank you very much! Fun course and you are a great teacher!"
"Great opportunity to a neat medium. Thank you"
"Awesome class! Instruction was fabulous! Thanks!
"Likes using pastels- Instruction Amazing! Very inspirational & super artist!! More lessons would be great!"
"Great class! Enjoyed it very much, I liked the one on one instruction, and that all the supplies were included .