Hand Painted Dog Portraits

Hand painted dog portraits- asher

Hand painted dog portraiits

I always love doing hand painted dog portraits. This beautiful dog painting is of a dog called Asher. His markings made him such a unique dog portrait. With Asher’s dog portrait we went for a full body portrait. The full body is better suited then a closer up portrait. It also meant we could add his favourite toy (tennis balls) to this beautiful dog portrait.


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dog portraits

Hand painted dog portraits makes a wonderful personal gift. This beautiful boy Is for the clients wife as a birthday present. I always love when they are given as gifts. I also love to see recordings of when the hand painted dog portraits are gifted. Everyone is always just so pleased. And usually tears are shed.


So lets get started on how I create my dog portraits.

I knew that with this dog painting I wanted the white to be really white and make a massive statement. As the colouration of this beautiful pup was so important. Here is a progress show of the dog portrait. As you can see I’m working each area until it is almost finished and then moving to the next area.

Hand painted dog portraiits

Asher has a beautiful variety of short hairs on the muzzle to very long hair on the ears. When creating these pet portraits or any animal drawing fur length is very importrant. Accuracy is hugely necessary for drawings that both look realistic and also capture the character of the animal you are drawing.

I really hope you like Asher’s dog portrait. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this lovely pastel portrait.


Next up we will be talking about a custom horse portrait I made for a friend.  

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