Hamilton Move- Pet Portraits

I apologise for my absence the last couple of weeks, I moved to Hamilton Ontario from New Brunswick. I am absolutely loving it so far, I have been kept busy with a bunch of Christmas pet portraits.

Pet portraits are a wonderful addition to any home, my artwork remove the background keeping the portrait simple and free from clutter. This showcases your stunning pet, while showing the pet’s personality in its artwork. The cleanness of coloured pencil allows to make a delicate yet vibrant work for your home. So whether you have a country style or chic business style home the pet portrait will fit perfectly in your home décor.

Room showcasing pet portrait

I have been drawing pet portraits for a few years now, and with every pet portrait I work on I fall in love with it more and more. Every drawing stretches my skills, and presents new challenges and exciting new opportunities.

When starting any new drawing, I always like to start with the eyes. The eyes I feel are the most important as they show the most personality. If the eyes are lacking that sparkle in your favourite photo of your pet do not fear. My years of experience has provided me with the knowledge to create the life the photo is missing. That’s why a pet portrait artwork is sometimes a lot better than the photo, as I can add key things that bring the artwork to life.

Here are some examples of my previous eyes:

pet portrait showing dogs eyes
pet portrait showing dogs eyes
pet portrait showing dogs eyes

Wildlife Artwork

I have been working very slowly at my latest wildlife piece. With the move and all the chaos of saying goodbye, packing, and then unpacking work has been slow. I also have my next wildlife piece all set up and I cannot wait to start. I will be working on it between my pet portraits. So hopefully you get to see it soon.

deer work in progress

deer work in progress
fox drawing

I hope you guys have a great week, thank you for reading. Next week I will post some progress pictures of one of my artworks going through the stages.

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