Pet Drawing – January 2018 Special

Good morning guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

So I wanted to discuss the crazy new special I am offering on my pet drawings. I am giving away free gifts. That’s right FREE! Order a 8×10 inch portrait or an 11×14 inch portrait and receive 5 free blank greeting cards with your pet portrait on them.

I really wanted to do something special this year. I have been drawing pet portraits for 2 years now, so I wanted to celebrate it. I have come along so far, with the help of my clients, and my followers. I could not thank you enough for your support and encouragement.

Pet Drawing Special Prices

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So here is a pet drawing I have been working on, this gorgeous schnauzer was the beloved pet of a dear friend. This little guy unfortunately developed cancer. So this is a little memorial pet drawing for her husband, who was very close him.

schnauzer wip

I have a few drawings I am looking to do over Christmas. One is a ferret, many of you know I have a ferret her name is Rosie. Though this drawing is not of Rosie I feel like I wanted to attempt to capture the cuteness of these guys with a pet drawing.

Another pet drawing I wish to work on is a pet drawing of my horse Lexi. She is a beautiful girl, who is getting old however still has plenty of power left. She lives on my sisters farm in New Brunswick, while I am here in Ontario. I miss her a lot, hence the portrait. But that’s the way it goes. So I think a horse drawing will be very appropriate.

This is Rosie when she was younger.

This is the photo I will use for Lexi

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I will be spending a bunch of time drawing! So lots of updates to come. Don’t forget if you want to book me for a pet drawing, all you need to do is send me a message by email or facebook.

If you would like to keep up to date with my pet portraits you can do so in a variety of ways. Facebook is your guy if you would like to connect on a more personal level and look into my daily life, along with tips. If you are more interested in regular artwork posts then instagram is the one for you. Speed drawings and videos are available on my youtube channel.

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