Budgies in Love




Budgies in love

Budgies are amazing little parrots. They are very common in England as pets.  They come in many colours including green, blue and purple.  Here are some amazing facts about these lovely little birds.

Budgie facts

  1. Budgies have a third eyelid that is not usually visible. This allows the third eyelid keeps dust and dirt out of the eyes.
  2. Budgies have a variety of names the canary parrot, shell parrot, zebra parrot, warbling grass parakeet, and undulated parakeet.
  3. These little parrots have a very high resting respiration rate, ranging between 65-85 breaths per minute.
  4. A budgies heart beats over 300 times per minute!
  5. The original budgies were greeny-yellow in colour, and from this, other colours developed.
  6. Their eyes move independently of the other one, itis known as having monocular vision.
  7. These little birds can have up to 3,000 feathers in total across their whole body.
  8. When a budgies grind its beak they are happy and relaxed.
  9. Pores cover budgies eggs, this allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to enter and exit the shell.
  10. The skeleton of the females gains density during the breeding season, as she stockpiles calcium to support breeding. This can make the female budgie gain around 20% of her body weight during this time!
  11. Budgies have more vertebrae in their necks than humans do, allowing them to swivel their heads up to 180 degrees, or allow them to face backwards!
  12. In mammals such as humans, our lungs themselves expand and contract as we breathe, as air flows in and out. In these little birds, the muscles of the chest cavity itself expands and contracts, to force air in and out.
  13. They have an incredibly acute vision in terms of the number of images their brains can process at a time; they can register over 150 images per second, compared with just 16 for humans!

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