Cat Drawing Starter Pack



In this downloadable cat drawing pack, you will find various files. A stock photo cropped to the dimensions of 8×10 inches in colour and black and white. In case you want to do graphite or check your values.  An outline with a grid over for you to see how it relates to each other, and a lighter outline for you to colour over the top.

You have a couple of choices in how you can go about this cat drawing pack. You can either print out the dark version, lay another piece of paper of your choice over and draw the outline. Or lay carbon paper over the prefered paper choice, then lay the prepared outline over top and use a hard pencil to trace the outline. Or you can print the light outline directly on your preferred paper.

Suggested papers for the Cat Drawing

Fabriano hot press- coloured pencils (more expensive watercolour paper).
Bristol paper smooth – Coloured pencils and graphite (great beginner paper).
Pastelmat paper- Pastels (very expensive).
Mi teintes paper- Pastels and coloured pencils .

Suggested Pencils for this Cat drawing

Any!! Use whatever you had. When I first started I used a very cheap knockoff. It’s the techniques that are important not the tools.
Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils- Love these!
Prisma pencils- Soft lead, lots of breakages need a very sharp pencil sharpener.
Caran d’ache  luminance coloured pencils- Fantastic pencils ( Very very very expensive)

Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils- I use this brand everyday!
Carbothello Pastel Pencils-affordable pencils. I like these, have a hard pastel.
Caran Dache Pastel Pencils- Huge range of colours, super soft leads. I love them but so so expensive,

Cat Drawing

I will be doing this cat drawing in pastels and will be writing a  blog with pictures and videos to help you. However, this is easily translatable for coloured pencils and graphite pencils. Something to note. I have added extra room on the top because I wish to add a Santa hat as its Christmas. You can do the same or perhaps maybe some misseltoe? Or just leave it as background. It is your drawing you can do whatever you wish!!

If you are looking for your own free reference photos I suggest  It is a fantastic website for free high-quality images. From here i use photoshop to first crop the image to the dimensions I will be drawing.

If you are working on this drawing and are struggling with this cat drawing feel free to contact me either on my Instagram, FB, email or by the contact form on this website.


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