Friesian Horse Fine Art Print




Friesian Horse Fine Art Print

This friesian horse fine art print is a print of one of my favourite drawings.  I adore Friesian horses and plan on drawing many more horses in the future.



  • Friesians are beautiful, pure black horses with a flowy mane and tail and flashy, showy movement.
  • They have feathered feet typical of a draft breed, but they are built like a lighter riding horse.
  •  Friesians average between 15-17 hands high.
  •  They are versatile enough to participate in all sports and disciplines, but are most commonly seen in dressage, or as a carriage horse due to their eye catching movement.
  •  Friesians get their name from the land where they originated, in Friesland, The Netherlands.
  •  They may have been around since 1000 BC.
  •  Despite being very popular in the early ages, Friesians almost became extinct. By 1913, there were only 3 remaining Friesian stallions in their home province of Friesland.
  •  Being one of the oldest breeds, Friesians had an influence on several new breeds that developed as time went on. The Oldenburger, Shire horse, and smaller ponies such as Fell and Dales ponies all inherited some Friesian lines in their early development. Morgan horses are also suggested to have some Friesian blood due to their resemblance to some of the Friesian’s features.
  •  Friesians were brought to North America by the Dutch in the 1600s, when the Dutch had control of New Amsterdam, now known as New York.
  •  While Friesians are most commonly known to be pure black in color, in some rare cases, you may find chestnut Friesians.Chestnut Friesians are often referred to as “Fire Friesians”.

You can read the blog on the progress of this Friesian Horse Fine Art Print by clicking the image below.

friesian horse fine art print

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