Lovebird Fine Art Print




Lovebird Fine Art PRint

I have always had a fondness for birds. Lovebirds are so bright and colourful I had to draw them.  To us, it was a fantastic idea! To them, however, not the greatest idea we have had haha!  This Lovebird fine art print is bursting with colour and softness. If your looking to add a bit of colour to your walls this is definitely a great option.  Bird lovers or lovers, in general, will love this romantic pair. There are many romantic birds who mate for life, but I think lovebirds are the most iconic.  To describe everlasting bond lovebirds are the ones to do it.

Here are some fascinating facts about Lovebirds!

  •  Lovebirds mate for life.
  • Monogamy is essential to the social stability of flocks and underlies much of their social behaviour.
  • If a mate dies or gets separated from the flock, its companion exhibits erratic behaviour that some have likened to depression.
  • Lovebirds are native to the forests and savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar
  • Fossils of ancient lovebird species have been unearthed in South Africa, dating to as far back as 1.9 million years ago.
  • The nine species classified as lovebirds come all from the genus Agapornis.
  • Lovebirds are cavity dwellers they make their home in holes in trees, rocks or shrubs in the wild.
  • They are one of the smallest parrot species
  • Lovebirds typically live from 10 to 15 years but may reach up to 20 years in captivity.
  • Most lovebirds have a varied diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Some lovebirds also eat figs and insects.

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