Panda Bear Greeting Card




Panda Bear Greeting Card

I created this bear greeting card for Mothers Day. Panda mothers are incredibly nurturing to their cubs. I wanted to show this nurturing with this artwork. Also, to create this highly detailed drawing I used Polychromos pencils on Bristol paper.  I wanted a simple background, so I only drew some of the bamboo foreground.

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this, and it makes a gorgeous card. Very subtle tones in the fur add dimension and interest. I thoroughly enjoyed adding the greenery, as the lack of colour in the panda mother and cub. The original drawing was made at an 8×10 inch size and is available for purchase.

Here are some interesting facts about Panda Bears!

  • Giant pandas live 18–20 years in the wild and 25 to 30 years in captivity. The world’s oldest giant panda was Xinxing (‘New Star’) in Chongqing Zoo at 38 years old and four months (1982–2020).
  • Pandas have 6 “fingers”! Their 6th “finger” is like a human thumb. It has the same function as a thumb, but it is actually an unusual wrist bone.
  • Wild pandas usually have just one cub, while in captivity are more likely to have twins. In the wild, If the mother has two cubs, she will only feed the one she thinks is stronger. The other one is left to fend for itself.
  • They like climbing trees and can swim.
  • A typical 100-pound adult spends as long as 12 hours eating 26–84 lb of bamboo a day.
  • A panda can poop 62 lb per day! They poop every 15–20 minutes. The vast majority of their faeces is undigested bamboo.



The print is available here!

Panda Bear

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