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I love red foxes and seeing them is always a pleasure. This little red fox pup caught my eye and I just had to draw him!



  • A group of them is called a skulk or leash
  • They have whiskers on their legs and face, which help them to navigate.
  • Grey foxes can retract their claws as cats do.
  • A male is called a ‘dog fox’ while a female is called a ‘vixen’
  • They are generally solitary animals; unlike wolves, they hunt on their own rather than in packs.
  • They dig underground dens where they take care of their kits and hide from predators.
  • Their pupils are vertical, similar to a cat, helping them to see well at night.
  • The tip of a red’s tail is white, whereas the swift has a black-tipped tail.
  • They have excellent hearing. The most common species the red can reportedly hear a watch ticking 37 meters away!
  • Like a cat, the fox is most active after the sun goes down.
  • There are 37 animals called foxes, only 12 are considered “true foxes”. Some of these include the red, Arctic, fennec, and kit.
  • They can see the earth’s magnetic field as a “ring of shadow” on its eyes that darkens as it moves toward magnetic north. When the shadow and the sound of the prey line up, it’s time to pounce.
  • The smallest species is called the Fennec Fox it can weigh as little as 3lbs.
  • In 2011, researchers opened a grave in a 16,500-year-old Jordan cemetery to find the remains of a man and his pet fox. This was 4000 years before the first-known human and domestic dog was buried together.

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Red Fox

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