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This is a print of a pastel portrait of a Trakehner horse. I love this portrait it is still one of my best! I spent most of my youth riding and training horses for over 20 years. They are my favourite animals on earth.



  • The Trakehner originated in Trakehnen, East Prussia (Germany) in 1732.
  • In the 1900s, the Arabian blood was introduced into the breed to give the stocky build a more refined look.
  • Trakehners can be as tall as 17h and weigh up to 1200lbs.
  • Today the Trakehner is considered a sport-horse, bred for competition in the Olympic disciplines of Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping.
  • Trakehner horses have lovely coats in a wide range of colours. Some of the most common colours seen in this breed are roan, black, chestnut, grey, and bay. Some horses may be pinto coloured as well.
  • After World War I, there were only about 650 of these horses alive in West Germany.
  • This horse is known for its dish-faced nose.
  • The cost of a Trakehner horse can range from $5,000-7,500 for a foal and $10,000-$30,000 for an active competition horse.
  • Their official name is The East Prussian Warmblood Horse of Trakehner Origin.
  • These horses are good-natured, alert, loyal, active, eager to please, friendly, even-tempered, intelligent, and kind, and they also have plenty of energy and athleticism.
  • It is known for its “floating trot” – full of impulsion and suspension.
  • Trakehners are athletic and trainable, with good endurance, while some are more spirited than horses of other warmblood breeds.
  • Milton the Trakehner horse was the first showjumper to ever win over £1million in prize money.
  • Originally a small local horse, when crossed with imported English Thoroughbred and Arabian stallions, the result was an athletic, substantial animal whose original purpose was for use as a cavalry mount.



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