Yorkshire Terrier Fine Art Print




Yorkshire Terrier Fine Art Print

I decided to draw this cute Yorkshire Terrier because I couldn’t resist his sweet little face. This Yorkshire Terrier Fine Art Print is an exact replica of the real original drawing.  This new work is in pastels which is unlike my other coloured pencil drawings. I chose pastels as I have found them extra vibrant. I hope you love this Yorkshire Terrier Fine Art Print and the original drawing.


  • These little dogs were bred from a collection of terriers, including the Waterside terrier, in order to hunt rats.
  • Their fierce personalities helped them fearlessly take on their rodent prey. Like other terriers, the dogs were also used during hunts to flush prey out of its den.
  • weavers came to England for work in the mid-1800s, they brought their tiny dogs with them. Before long, the breed caught on, and started appearing in shows in 1861.
  •  The breed first hit the scene in England, they were known as broken-haired Scotch terriers.
  • Angus Sutherland opined that the name should be changed. He believed that although the breed originated in Scotland, it wasn’t perfected until coming to Yorkshire, England.
  • Huddersfield Ben the father of the breed. The stud dog was a ratting champion and a confident competitor in dog shows; he won over 70 awards. He was a hefty dog, weighing 11 pounds, but all his litters yielded puppies that were under 5 pounds, which was the standard at that time. Even though he only lived to be six years old, he left behind an impressive legacy: Most Yorkies bred for shows today are distant relatives of Ben.

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