On this testimonials page you will find what my clients have thought about myself and my work. If you are one of my clients I would love to share your thoughts on the process and the end result of your pet or wildlife portrait.

Something that is really important to me is have a strong client and artist relationship. Every artwork is very special to me because i know it is special to you. I put all my effort into each artwork I create, and I like to keep you updated at every step of the artwork.

If you aren’t happy with the end result, I am not happy and I will work on your portrait until you are happy.

Take a look at these testimonials to see what my clients have thought about getting artwork made by me. If you would like to see these images bigger. The pets can be found by clicking the pup, and the wildlife can be found by clicking the eagle!

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Testimonials from my clients

"Love love the portrait of Callaway. Your work shows every bit of your passion and talent. Thanks so much for making this portrait so special for me."
progress photos of the golden labrador dog portrait
Sue Hatfield
"I won a give away from Gemma a few weeks ago and I received the drawing today! I am in love! I would recommend her to anyone who wants a high quality drawing! It is so worth it! She got every single detail. "
Karis Leuschen Testimonials
Karis Leuschen
When I commissioned Gemma to do portrait of my late Rough Collie, I was absolutely stunned to see how she captured his eyes. Eyes are so unique, so telling. Gemma captured them perfectly - every bit of love and kindness that his eyes had. Every time I look at his portrait, I smile.
Heather MacLean
"I can't remember how I found Gemma but her portraits captured me immediately. It's the eyes. I don't know how she does it but she so captures the look. When I lost my German Shepherd recently, I knew I wanted Gemma to do her portrait for me.

I am not disappointed, I love it."
Cathie Menzies
Gemma did an amazing job on a bear cub to go with our hunter themed living room. The detail on it is fabulous. She has hand drawn every hair. She has an amazing ability to capture life in the eyes of the animal she is drawing. It is so life like. She has great communication skills keeping us up to date with the whole process. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase and I know I will be purchasing from her for years to come.
Black Bear cub
Kathryn Vickery
"Two amazing friends of mine had to say goodbye to their beautiful dog Prince. I had seen amazing pictures that Gemma was drawing so I asked her if I provided a picture of Prince would she be able to draw him. Let me tell you she did a fabulous job! She captured his spirit perfectly!!

Thank you so much Gemma my friends are forever grateful I will highly recommend your work any day!!!"
Randy & Sonia Ward
"I was too excited to wait so gave it to her last night! She LOVED it and was totally surprised! She thinks your brilliant. She was amazed at how you captured their personalities. Especially like the eyes!!"
John Kershaw

Here are a few more

"Recently had the pleasure of purchasing two prints by Gemma; a tiger and black capped chickadee. I was blown away by the intricacy of the pieces and how lifelike they were. Very professional and talented! Would highly recommend!"
Clint Smith
"Gemma made my daughter the happiest person ever on Christmas morning in 2016. Her amazing likeness of Hana's horse R-2 was perfect. Thanks Gemma"
Erin Hilson
"Beautiful work, excellent communication all through the creative process, can't wait to frame the portrait of my wonderful friend."
Chris McCormick
"I purchased a commission from this talented artist back a couple of months ago (the hare) and we are so pleased with it! Also Gemma was a great person to deal with too; very open with questions and full of inspired suggestions for the work before deciding the subject.

She also provided progress photos."
Jody Harding